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Q: What are the advantages of attending AAV?

A: AAV offers a flexible learning environment that prepares students for college and career opportunities. Students may obtain college credit through AAV programs. In addition, internship and community-based projects allow students to acquire mentors and engage in valuable real-world experiences that help to define future college and career goals.


Q: Is transportation provided?

A: Parents will be responsible for providing or securing alternative transportation.


Q: Are all of the teachers highly qualified in the subject area of their courses?

A: Yes, all AAV teachers must have the appropriate credentials and education to meet highly qualified teacher requirements in their subject area(s).


Q: Will AAV students have access to regular school activities/sports?

A: Yes, students can access activities and sports at their high school site of residence. You can determine your school of residence using this map.

Q: What counseling services will be available?

A: Students will be provided with individualized counseling services to address academic and college and career preparatory needs.


Q: What resources will be available for parents of AAV students?

A: Parent and student orientation meetings will be held at the beginning of the school year and each semester to ensure student success in all AAV programs. Additional parent training resources will also be scheduled throughout the school year.


Q: What elective courses are offered to AAV students?

A: A number of elective options including career technical education courses are available. See course selections below.


Q: Can students take on-site courses as well as online courses concurrently?

A: Yes, students who are enrolled at one of the AVUHSD high schools can also take online courses. However, they must be enrolled in at least four (4) class periods on campus at their high school site. Alternately, full-time Virtual Academy students taking at least four (4) class periods can also enroll in on-site high school courses (maximum number of courses will vary depending on the student’s individual needs and schedule).


Q: Will there be face-to-face class meeting times?

A: Yes. These will be determined by the instructor and administration in order to meet curricular and student learning needs.

Q: How often will my student be required to visit the resource centers?

A: Students will be required to visit resource centers in order to meet as a class, participate in lab exercises, obtain instructional support, meet with teachers, and collaborate with their peers. This means they may be on-site as infrequently as once or twice a month or as frequently as several times in a week. Our goal is to meet each individual student’s learning needs.


Q: Are Virtual Academy classes provided at an accelerated pace?

A: Students will meet with a counselor to determine an appropriate learning program of study. Students may accelerate their learning by taking additional courses or by taking courses that also offer college credit. Some classes prepare students for internships that specify minimum age requirements and would have to be evaluated on a case by case basis.

Q: Do Virtual Academy students get textbooks?

A: When applicable, textbooks will be provided. Most of the course material will either be available online or within the online Learning Management System (LMS).


Q: Are the hours for the Virtual Academy similar to school hours?

A: The hours will vary at the Virtual Academy in order to provide added flexibility.


Q: What are the criteria for acceptance into the Virtual Academy?

A: Students should have a minimum 2.3 GPA and good attendance and discipline records. However, students who do not meet the minimum criteria may still apply. They will be invited to interview and will participate in assessments that will help ascertain their placement in the Virtual Academy.


Q: How many classes will my student be taking in the Virtual Academy, is there a minimum or a limit?

A: For full-time enrollment in the Virtual Academy, students must take a minimum of four (4) year-length classes each year. Counselors will work with students on an individual basis to develop an appropriate academic plan that could include accelerated options as well as additional support courses when needed. Students must be on track to graduate, however, and their individual learning plans will be assessed with this goal in mind.


Q: Is there any preparation/training to insure the students can use the required technology?

A: Yes. A mandatory orientation session is held at the beginning of each academic year that includes an introduction to the technology required as well as success strategies for learning in an online environment.


Q: Will my student be able to participate in school activities such as sports, dances, and other activities if s/he is in the Virtual Academy?

A: Yes. Students can participate in these activities including CIF sports and nationally recognized clubs (i.e., FBLA) at their designated home school sites.


Q: Can my student still be in the Virtual Academy or take Virtual Academy classes if we do not have a home computer?

A: We will meet with each student and will ascertain student needs through that process. If computers become available, will we provide them on loan to students on a first-come, first-serve basis.