Academies of the Antelope Valley

Course Description

HEALTHFUL LIVING (Healthful Living)

1 year (10 credits)

Open to Grade: 9

**Required for graduation**

Prerequisite: None

Healthful Living is a general health class based on the philosophy that both prevention and rehabilitation are important to lifelong wellness.  The course offers enriching experiences for the pupil to recognize the extensive techniques available to deal with teenage experiences such as low self-esteem, stress, peer pressure, substance use and abuse, teenage sexuality, and decision-making leading to constructive life goals. Additional health subjects, such as character development, nutrition and eating disorders, diseases, personal relationships, human reproduction, sexually transmitted diseases, and child abuse, are taught with the emphasis on the practical aspects of adjusting healthfully to life experiences.  Focus on study skills  and career exploration are integrated specifically for topics pertaining to this class, as well as creating a foundational support system for cross curricular academic studies with the goal of developing and maintaining a desire for life-long learning for personal and social development. Students are encouraged to discuss the various healthful living topics with their families.